Brand Development

We all know that establishing and staying true to your brand is important, but sometimes, you're so busy working "in" the business, you have little time to work "on" the business.  That's where we come in.  We can do the heavy lifting as we work together to develop your brand.  We'll work to bring clarity and focus to your brand, evaluate your current marketing materials (web site, brochures, lit sheets, social media properties, etc.) to ensure that your specific brand resonates across all media channels.

True, sometimes small companies tend to overlook brand development.  They feel that it's not all that important.  But any brand exercise, even a small attempt, helps you to define your market, your unique selling proposition and sets you on the right path to creating content that supports the results you desire.  So when created a new web site, it provides the perfect opportunity to sit back and take a good hard look at your brand.  Is it saying what you think it's saying? 

In our standard brand development exercises, we do the following:

  • Initial Discovery & Strategic Planning
    • Conduct formal project “Kick-Off” meeting with all key stakeholders;
    • Work closely with the client’s team to understand all facets of the business
    • Conduct baseline analysis:
      • General market & competitive landscape;
      • Audience (and select vertical markets like referral sources);
    • Content examination (ALL existing assets – print, digital and video); and
    • Set company business and communication objectives.
  • Message, Voice and Brand Development
    • Establish the organization’s voice;
      • Mission statement
      • Value proposition/key message development
      • Differentiators
  • Identify and prioritize potential vertical markets;
  • Develop horizontal and vertical positioning and messaging;
  • Define benchmark metrics;
  • Create site plan and wire frame;
  • Present formal discovery/design document for review, feedback and approval.

Let's get started!