Email Marketing

Once you new web site is live and everyone is feeling good about's time for the hard stuff.  Getting people to the site.  One of the very first tactics we recommend is beginning a value driven email marketing campaign.  And if you are a brand new company, then we'll help you focus on building your list the right way.

While there are many different ways to set up an effective email marketing campaign, we usually start by developing a custom branded email template that you can use to send out your communication.  This template is designed to match your web site brand feel as well as the purpose behind the email.  Do you want to send out an newsletter, short alerts and announcements, or product sales?  At times, we'll develop templates for all of these purposes.

Then we like to suggest our Email List Builder.   

Our Email List Builder helps you build your own internal email marketing list.  Through the use of social media, web and other conventional advertising means, you are able to promote a free white paper, article or checklist that would be of value to your prospect.  The Email List Builder then allows you to have a landing page form that your prospect is directed to that will capture their name and email address in return for receiving the document they perceive to be of value to them, AFTER they enter their contact information.  If you are using Cobalt (our email marketing solution), the prospect's name and email will be automatically added to a specific list for use in your email marketing campaigns. 

And for those that need more help, we can create and send your campaign from top to bottom, even writing your copy!  Here's a sample of one of our typical email marketing services program:

  • Includes 2 campaigns per month
  • Includes content writing based on detailed outline provided by client
  • 1 round of content revisions
  • Implementation of content into client’s email template
  • Testing of your email message to protect against SPAM filtering
  • Test send to internal distribution list for final check before live send
  • Creation of campaign to include appropriate list selection
  • Sending your message

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