Our Process

“Our” Web Design & Development Process let’s us focus on “You”!  It's a process honed by over 20 years of business consulting.  Here's how we do it:

  • We Translate your thoughts into the right technology for you.
  • We Create(Build) your web application to fit your business.
  • We Listen to your feedback to refine the site.
  • We Support you after the fact.
  • We Introduce you to other strategic relationships that can help your business grow.
  • We Imagine new Ideas that can help you.



It's incredibly important to make sure that any online solution starts with what you want and need for your organization.  And while you know your business best, we know it's hard to put what you want to do into technical terms.  So, we've created a formula that helps us accomplish that for you.  We call it PRiTTE (like pretty) and it stands for: 

Purpose. Research. Team. Target. Evaluate.


You have to start somewhere and the best place to start is with your site’s purpose.  Here are some fo the questions we'll take you through and some sample answers:

What are you trying to accomplish?

  • Increase revenues by 15% or 1,500%
  • Increase qualified leads by 60%
  • Increase customer retention by 8%
  • Increase Total Order Amounts
  • Decrease the time to the next sale
  • Reduce cost of order processing by 40%
  • Eliminate employee “Busy Work”
  • Offload repetitive tasks to the web
  • Simply put your best foot forward

What is it going to be used for?

  • Sales Support
  • Lead Generation
  • Order Taking
  • Customer Service
  • Full Blown Business Model


We then need to do some research.  What kind of research?  Simple.

  • Who’s your competition?  Find them online.
  • What are they doing online?
  • What do you like/dislike about their sites?
  • What does your site need at minimum to be competitive?
  • Talk to your clients? What can you do to serve them online?
  • What info is important to your clients?
  • What can help them to save time and money?
  • What other non-competitive sites do you like?  Not like?


Next we help you evaluate your “team”.  Based on the site purpose and the research you have done, do you have the people to make it happen?  If not, can you bring someone in?  If not, do you have the budget to outsource it?  If not, we need to go back to purpose and re-evaluate in light of the team. Sometimes the purpose is so important and compelling it will dictate or require you to put the proper team in place.  Other times, your purpose is an ultimate goal, that can be scaled back to fit your resources today and advanced tomorrow.


We then need to talk about your target market. 

  • What Industries do you serve?
  • What peculularities does it have?
  • Who in those types of companies is your decision maker?
  • Who in those types of companies is the information gatherer?
  • What about “secondary” customers in those companies?
  • What can you do to cement the relationship with them? 

Now, then we look at what your site can do to address each of the needs for each customer type above.  Industry.  Company.  Decision Maker.  User.

The more you do online to address each of these layers, the more valuable you become and the more loyal your customers are.


Now it’s time to put it all together and decide what sort of Design and Functionality the site should have.  When we know the purpose, have done the research, understand the team, and have identified who will be using the site, we can very accurately recommend the type of site you need to be successful.  Now, it’s not a shot in the dark.  We have reduced risk and greatly increased the chances for significant success.   

Now, we have a specification.  One tailored to fit your organization.  Not some one size fits all template that hurts more than helps.


Now that we have the “roadmap” you can think of it as a blueprint, we then go into creation gear.  We'll set up a meeting or conference call with our Senior Designer to discuss more in depth your subjective tastes.  We are extremely talented in drawing out the artistic vision that is in your head. Once this meeting has concluded, we then go to work.  This is where our creative energy is unleashed.

We create a home page and an inside page “look” for you to see.  You can tell right away if we are on the same page.  It’s rare we are not.  Once you approve the direction, we go into full production mode.  The site’s pages are created, the programming is done, the site is tested, debugged and retested (and usually debugged some more)

And soon, your site is ready!


Now is the time for you and your “team” to review the site for flow, design and functionality.  If there are things to be changed, we’ll change them.  If content needs to be added, we add it.  Look at it again.  Ready to go?  Put your stamp of approval on it.  And we launch it!


But our commitment doesn’t end with the successful launch.  We are here for you after the fact.  There are bound to be questions, comments and potential issues that crop up.  Our support department responds quickly and accurately to your needs.


There are many “good” Internet firms out there.  They do good work, they learn a little about your business, they may even have good support.  We want the relationship.  We will be on the look out for strategic introductions that we can make that will help your business.  It can be as small as “Hey guys do you know any good printers?”  Or as big as recommending an outsourced solution that dramatically expands your production capability.  Who knows.  Your business is different and what we recommend to you might just be a barber.

Whatever it is, we are there to help.


Here again we continue to service you, our client.  We'll stay in touch.  We'll talk to you...email...critique...evaluate.  Then we Imagine.  With all the components we have learned about your business, we imagine new ways to grow your business.  You might get an email saying:

"Hey Conner, how about we try adding an email system that will track who refers your site to others, issue the potential new customer a promo code, and allow referrers to accrue reward dollars to use for future online purchases when their referrals buy?”


“Hey Aubrey, what if your site tracked your clients stock levels, so that whenever they were low on a product, the site emailed you automatically to restock AND sent a email for your client to approve the purchase?”

or maybe…

 “Hey Reese, ever think about adding audio testimonials to your site?”

You get the idea.  It can be just about anything.  We imagine for you because we know best what can be done that can fit your budget.


Well, this is Our Process.  It has been honed over the last 20 years.  A process with you and your organization at the core.