Social Media Strategy & Design

We don't really have to tell you how important social media strategy is do we?  Even from a B2B persepctive?  Just in case, here are the numbers for 2013 in terms of "registered users":

Facebook: 1.15 Billion
Google +: 1.01 Billion
Twitter: 500 Million
Instagram: 150 Million
Pinterest: 70 Million

What we are saying is that your target demographic is here.  Somewhere.  And it's important that we figure out how we want to engage your potential clients and customers in the space where we can interact one to one.  There really is no other way to cost effectively have a conversation with prospects and customers, than through an effective social media strategy.  So what's involved?

Our first step is to create the appropriate "eProperties" as we like to call them.  Then we suggest our social media design program so we can graphically enhance your social media properties to match the look and feel of your web site.  This allows anyone who interacts with you at any point on the arc of the Internet to engage your brand and know they are on one of your "eProperties".  Once we have completed this step, we then begin to map out a social media strategy that works for your organization.

Another cool thing to note: All of our sites come with specific functionality that integrates your web site with your Facebook Fan Page right from within our own admin areas!  Set up coupons and offers easily to your fan gate, publish selected products to your page with one simple click, and update additional "pages" without having to login to Facebook to do it!

Here is an example of our social media design program to match a client's web site:


Ever Irish Gifts Website

Ever Irish Gifts Word Press Blog

Ever Irish Gifts Facebook Fan Page

Ever Irish Gifts Twitter Account


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