xSellit - Ecommerce Websites

xSellit ecommerce web sites had their roots back in the mid 90's before any tools existed for Ecommerce on the Internet.  Back then, there were no online databases or scripted languages like PHP, ASP or .NET.  So, we wrote our own.  We actually created Ecommerce web sites before many of today's current Ecommerce web site solutions were even a glint in their developer's eye.  But the important concept to note is that we actually created the tools to create the Ecommerce web sites we made.  This truly sets us apart from many of the good web site developers out there.  Many of them use third party Ecommerce shopping carts to make their sites.  Which means they don't truly understand what is happening at the lowest level of code, how the server utilizes memory, where secure handling is needed.  They were not the "programmers" that made the shopping cart software, so they sometimes are little help when something goes wrong...and it will go wrong.

Yes, we know your eyes just glazed over a bit.  This stuff is VERY technical.  But doesn't it make the most sense to have your Ecommerce web site developed by a firm that, at one time, actually wrote the tools that were used to make Ecommerce web sites to begin with?

If you agree, then take a few moments to learn about our turn-key Ecommerce web site solution, xSellit.  xSellit is designed to boost your sales by giving you the functionality you need to be successful selling online. This advanced functionality is then fused with a custom web site design that matches your unique brand. The marriage of art and function from one Ecommerce provider.  

For more comprehensive information please see our xSellit eCommerce Web Site