Our Customer-Centered Process

Six-point approach that guides every project to successful implementation.


Translate your business goals into the right technology and solution


Create and build your solution to fit your business


Listen to your feedback to refine and improve


Support you before, during, and after


Introduce you to other strategic relationships and partnerships


Advise you on new solutions to help you grow

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From discovery to specification - a tailored solution that fits your organization
It's incredibly important to make sure that any online solution starts with what you want and need for your organization. And while you know your business best, we know it's hard to put what you want to do into technical terms. That is why we are here to guide you through this discovery with a solid approach.

We will help you identify your solution’s purpose, research your marketing strategy, understand your team’s strengths, and define your target market. We use all this data to evaluate and accurately recommend the type of site you need to be successful.
Bringing it all to life
Once we have the roadmap, we bring in our creative team. We'll set up a meeting or conference call with our senior designer to discuss your subjective tastes in more depth. We are extremely skillful in bringing your artistic vision to life. Once this meeting concludes - we create.

We create initial concepts of your solution for you to review. Once you approve the direction, we go into full production. After the solution is created and the programming is complete, we thoroughly test, debug, and retest the site (and usually debug it some more).
After all, we want it done right
During the review process, we are here to listen. We encourage you and your team to put our solution under the microscope. Test for flow, design improvements, and functionality tweaks.

If there are items to be changed, we’ll change them. If content needs to be added, we’ll add it. We want you to feel comfortable putting your stamp of approval on something we all worked hard to achieve.

Once approved, we launch!
If Stormtroopers can do it, shouldn't we all
Our commitment doesn’t end with a successful launch. We are here for you after the fact.

There are bound to be questions, comments, and potential issues that crop up. Our support department responds quickly and accurately to assist you with all your needs.
Our network is wide and we want you to benefit from it.
There are many great digital firms out there. They do good work. They learn a little about your business. They may even have good support. We want the relationship.

We will always be aware of strategic partners that we can introduce you to that will help grow your business. For example, we may know you’re looking for a reliable printing company. Or perhaps an introduction to an outsourced solution that dramatically expands your production capability. Who knows? Whatever it is, we are here to help.
Our relationship always expands further than a contract.
Again we continue to service you, our client. We stay in touch. We talk to you—we email, critique, and evaluate. Then we advise. We’re full of ideas and want to see you succeed.

We might suggest an email system that tracks who refers your site, issues promo codes to potential new customers, and allows referrers to accrue reward dollars to use for future online purchases.

Or...a solution that tracks your clients’ inventory levels. When they are low on a product, the site emails you automatically to restock and notifies your client to approve the purchase.

You get the idea. It can be just about anything.


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